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What regulations do homeowners' association members face?

California residents must take many factors into consideration when looking for a home. Many consider how far a house is from their place of employment or what schools are nearby. Depending on the area, potential homeowners must ask themselves if they would be comfortable as homeowners' association members. Unfortunately, some people have unfavorable views of HOAs because of negative media portrayals or stories of poorly run programs, so it is important to understand exactly what these associations may actually regulate.

How do homeowners' association members deal with complaints?

One of the draws for many of California's housing communities is the amenities they provide. In most cases, that also means that living there comes with a homeowners' association, which could end up lodging a complaint against you. So how do homeowners' association members deal with complaints from the HOA board?

Who makes up homeowners' association boards?

Every organization has some kind of structure. Homeowners' association boards here in California and elsewhere are no different. Most are made up of the president, vice president and treasurer. More than likely, a secretary handles the paperwork, takes and keeps the minutes and handles the notifications. 

Homeowners' Association members have rights

When purchasing a home here in California, one of the draws may have been the amenities that the community provides. More than likely, those amenities came with dues to a homeowners' association. Many people may not understand that homeowners' association members have rights, as well as the responsibilities placed on them by the HOA. 

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