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How do homeowners' association members deal with complaints?

One of the draws for many of California's housing communities is the amenities they provide. In most cases, that also means that living there comes with a homeowners' association, which could end up lodging a complaint against you. So how do homeowners' association members deal with complaints from the HOA board?

First, do not ignore it. HOA's can levy serious consequences against you, including filing a foreclosure. Before taking any action, it would benefit you to investigate the claims made in the complaint. If the supposed violation is not mentioned in your contract, the HOA may have no case. Furthermore, the allegations may not even be true.

In responding to the complaint, provide the best evidence you can if you believe the claim is false. You may also let the board know that you disagree with the complaint and why. However, if the board's complaint is valid, then you may want to outline how you intend to fix the situation.

You need not admit fault when doing so. Also, be sure to put your response in writing and attach whatever documentation you feel assists in your response. You never know when you might need a written record of what transpired between you and the HOA.

Homeowners' association members have rights. If your HOA threatens you in any way, you do not need to go up against the board alone if you feel that the complaint is not valid. A California attorney who understands the state's HOA laws could be invaluable in such an instance.

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