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What regulations do homeowners' association members face?

California residents must take many factors into consideration when looking for a home. Many consider how far a house is from their place of employment or what schools are nearby. Depending on the area, potential homeowners must ask themselves if they would be comfortable as homeowners' association members. Unfortunately, some people have unfavorable views of HOAs because of negative media portrayals or stories of poorly run programs, so it is important to understand exactly what these associations may actually regulate.

HOAs are typically established to uphold functionality and uniformity among a common interest development, which usually involves certain shared neighborhood amenities. While HOA fees are usually used to support these CID standards, additional regulations may also be enforced among homeowners. These may include the number and types of pets allowed, vegetable gardens, home-based businesses, acceptable noise levels and more.

The covenants, codes and restrictions -- commonly referred to as CC&Rs -- of HOAs are not uniform across neighborhoods and communities. Where one HOA community might permit whatever exterior paint homeowners prefer, others might have a specific pallet to choose from. In other instances, a community might have zero pet restrictions versus another community, which could restrict all animals but small breeds of cats and dogs.

Homeowners can greatly benefit from buying a home in a CID that closely matches their own values and standards. However, since no two California HOAs are the same, it is important to fully understand what is regulated and how this will affect them as homeowners' association members. This can sometimes be a complicated matter, which can usually be made far easier with the help of counsel experienced in HOA matters.

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