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Who makes up homeowners' association boards?

Every organization has some kind of structure. Homeowners' association boards here in California and elsewhere are no different. Most are made up of the president, vice president and treasurer. More than likely, a secretary handles the paperwork, takes and keeps the minutes and handles the notifications. 

The president handles all of the procedural issues and oversees the HOA as outlined in the bylaws. This often requires a familiarity with the governing documents and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) for the community. It also helps to know how to run a meeting to ensure that all topics are covered and those who want to get a say.

The vice president keeps the meetings from getting out of hand by maintaining order and ensuring that parliamentary procedures are followed. This person also fills in for the president when necessary and often shares the president's workload. These two need to be able to work well together to ensure things go smoothly.

The treasurer handles all things numbers. He or she takes care of the funds, keeps the books and handles the end of year reports required for the HOA in accordance with the bylaws. This person may work with a property management company that would handle the daily needs and activities of the community.

It may not seem as though homeowners' association boards need to be this "formal," but considering the fact that they can take numerous measures against their members and may even have the power to foreclose on a property, they need some official structure. There are times when HOA boards need legal assistance due to disputes with members, changing rules or uncertainty regarding the boards' powers. It would be beneficial to consult with an attorney who understands the laws applicable to HOAs here in California.

Source:, "FAQs on HOA Board Member Roles and Responsibilities", Accessed on Oct. 7, 2017

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