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Homeowners' association members fight back

Living in a condominium often provides California residents with the amenities they want and the home maintenance that they do not want. More often than not, condo living requires dwellers to be homeowners' association members. Paying those monthly fees may not be ideal, but it is supposed to help ensure that the building is well-maintained.

What rights do homeowners' association members have?

When searching for your perfect home or condominium here in California, one of your requirements may be to have access to certain community amenities. You may already be aware that those perks usually come with paying dues to a homeowners' association. While HOAs often have authority over many of your actions, homeowners' association members also have rights.

Part of an HOA board's job is to enforce the rules

No one wants to be the "bad guy," especially when they live in the same California neighborhood. However, one of the primary duties of an HOA board is to enforce the rules of the association. This may be an uncomfortable task, but it is also a necessary one.

Can homeowners' association boards risk your safety and property?

Many of California's residential communities come with attractive amenities, but at a price. Homeowners in these communities pay dues to their homeowners' association boards, but that may not be the worst part. Some HOA boards may attempt to impose unrealistic requirements on those who live in the neighborhood that could potentially put the safety and property of residents at risk.

Get information on homeowners' association boards before buying

Buyers may be able to choose among thousands of housing communities and condominiums here in California when they look to purchase a home. Many of the options come with homeowners' association boards who administer and enforce the rules and regulations of the community chosen. Before agreeing to make a purchase, it may be a good idea to get as much information as possible regarding the HOA and the board.

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