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Can HOA members trust the board to keep common areas safe?

Part of what many California residents look for in a residence is a safe place to raise their children. HOA members rely on the boards to keep the common areas safe and free from hazards that could harm them or their children. When that does not happen, and injuries occur, some homeowners may look to the board for restitution.

Homeowners' association boards and debt collection

One of the most unenviable jobs for any California business is collecting overdue debts. Homeowners' association boards are not immune to this task. Without the funds from homeowners' dues and assessments, boards cannot operate. This means that they will need to have a plan in place for collecting monies from homeowners who fail to meet their financial obligations to the HOA.

What can homeowners' association boards do?

Living in certain California communities of single-family homes comes at a price. Every month, homeowners' association boards around the state collect monthly or quarterly dues. Many residents end up wondering just what bang they get for their bucks.

Some homeowners' association boards have too much power

When California residents purchase a home, part of the reason they do so may be in order to have the freedom to decorate it as they wish. Painting the walls, the exterior and planting flowers, among other things, should be part of that experience. However, some homeowners' association boards have too much say in how homeowners can decorate their homes.

How HOA board members can collect delinquent dues

One of the main responsibilities of a solid HOA is to maintain the property values of the homes in the association. Collecting delinquent dues is one of the least pleasant jobs for HOA board members, but it is a necessary task in order to have funds available for maintaining the property. HOA dues are used to pay for operational expenses such as property upkeep and utilities in addition to building a reserve fund. When HOA members fail to pay their monthly dues, the association is at risk for financial hardship.

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