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Are your copper pipes affected by pinhole leaks?

Water departments in the Bay Area have recently changed the chemicals added to district water supplies. As a result, many Californians are experiencing pinhole leaks in their copper pipes.

Plumbing leaks can be a costly, time-consuming problem for homeowners. Even a small leak can cause big damage. Pinhole leaks can affect just about any residence that has copper pipes. As a property owner, it is important to know the process to handle pinhole leaks in your plumbing.

Look for signs of a leak

Detecting leaks is not always easy, but there are a few major signs that homeowners should look for. If your walls and floors have become spongy or moist, your water pressure is low and your drywall is moldy, you may have a leak. Unfortunately, small leaks like pinhole leaks do not always manifest right away—if you see the aforementioned signs in your home, the leak may be serious.

Pinpointing a pinhole leak

Once you suspect that your copper plumbing is leaking, you must pinpoint the exact location leak. This is no mean feat. A water-damaged area in your home almost always indicates that the source is nearby. But even if you can discern the general area near a leak, the only way to find its exact spot is to open your walls and examine the copper pipes. Examine the visible as well as the hidden copper piping to locate the pinhole leak.

Repairing a leak

The process of repairing a leak can be complicated, especially for residents in homeowners’ associations (HOAs). Hiring a contractor, excavating the walls, repairing the leak and deciding who will pay for the repairs can be contentious issues that sometimes require legal counsel. Many HOAs have internal processes for addressing maintenance issues. Contact your HOA board and discuss the leak with them. It is important to comply with your HOA, and it is also important for your HOA to fulfill its duties to you as a resident.

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