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Homeowners' association members take a stand against speeders

Part of the draw for parents to live in one of California's residential areas is that their children have a place to play with other kids in relative safety. When something threatens that safety, most homeowners' association members will do what they can to improve the conditions that may cause them harm. When an HOA board fails to allow parents to take those steps, it could start a conflict between members and the board.

When homeowners' association boards fall victim to others

Providing services and enforcing the covenants, conditions and restrictions, along with other rules, of a California residential community could take a toll on those responsible. Homeowners' association boards make numerous decisions regarding the communities they serve, but not all of those decisions work out as planned. In some cases, a board may fall victim to someone, and rectifying the situation may require involving the civil courts, or even the criminal courts in some instances.

Not all homeowners' association members complain about the board

One concern that nearly every California property owner has involves property values. Making sure your home retains its value, or increases in value, may be one of your primary goals as well. What you may not realize is that goal often requires that everyone in the community follows certain rules. Even though many end up in public disputes, most homeowners' association members do not complain about the board since most boards work to make sure that everyone's property values remain healthy.

Avoid community clashes

Upholding community standards in your homeowner’s association (HOA) is sometimes a thankless job. Your choice to take on the responsibility of an HOA board member position helps the community function at large, but clashing values and difficult personalities can take hold of the association and make it difficult to administrate the affairs of the property.

What homeowners' association boards can do to avoid liability

Safety is a major concern for most California parents. Back on Feb. 27, this blog discussed the case of a teenager who suffered devastating and permanent injuries on a swing set in the common area of his HOA-run residential community ("Can HOA members trust the board to keep common areas safe?"). The question of whether homeowners' association boards can keep the common areas of a community safe bears further discussion since the HOA, and possibly the board's individual members, could end up facing litigation.

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