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Not all homeowners' association members complain about the board

One concern that nearly every California property owner has involves property values. Making sure your home retains its value, or increases in value, may be one of your primary goals as well. What you may not realize is that goal often requires that everyone in the community follows certain rules. Even though many end up in public disputes, most homeowners' association members do not complain about the board since most boards work to make sure that everyone's property values remain healthy.

The stories that you hear about HOA boards ordinarily represent only a small portion of them. Petty disputes, huge fines and even suing homeowners over what may seem like trivial issues make for good news, but they often fail to provide a clear picture of how most boards operate. The vast majority simply want to help make the community a safe, pleasant and rewarding place to live.

HOA's provide services and amenities that increase the value of a community. They also step in when you have an issue with a neighbor. Even if some of the rules and covenants, conditions and restrictions seem odd at first, you may ask what questions regarding any of the rules or CC&Rs.

You may find that a practical reason actually exists. For instance, a neighborhood may be restricted to one-story homes only. When you realize that taller homes would obstruct a view that is also a selling point for the community, it makes sense.

Before buying a home in one of California's many communities, you may benefit from speaking with current homeowners' association members to determine whether the board works for its residents or for itself. You may also ask for copies of all documents relevant to the HOA such as the CC&Rs, information regarding what you receive in exchange for your dues and other information that sheds light on the inner workings of the board and the community. If you need assistance understanding the legalese and fine print, help is available.

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