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Homeowners' association members challenge board's rule

Living in a residential neighborhood here in California often comes with certain obligations to the whole community. One of those obligations could include being part of and paying dues to a homeowners' association. As homeowners' association members, residents are required to adhere to certain rules, conditions, covenants and restrictions, which are enforced by the board.

Sometimes homeowners' association members need to fight back

Living in one of California's residential communities often comes with paying for extras such as pools, landscaping and gyms, among other things. Homeowners' association members have the right to have their HOA payments spent appropriately. In some cases, the trust residents have for the board are misplaced, and when something is amiss, they need to fight back.

What happens when homeowners' association members don't pay?

Whether due to forgetfulness or temporary inability, many California residents neglect to pay a bill at some point in their lives. In some cases, it is easy to resolve the issue by paying the bill as soon as possible. A late fee may have to be paid, but that puts an end to the matter. Unfortunately, when this happens to homeowners' association members, it may not be quite that simple.

Homeowners' association boards can go too far

Many of California's residential communities come with restrictions when it comes to the outward appearance of their homes. For instance, homeowners' association boards may enforce rules regarding keeping the grass cut, cars out of the yard and the trees trimmed. These may seem like reasonable expectations in order to keep the neighborhood looking well maintained, but sometimes, HOA boards can go too far.

Homeowners' association members upset about new speeding rule

Speeding is a problem in just about every California neighborhood. Each community addresses the issue in different ways. Last time, this blog addressed how some homeowners put out signs to get drivers to slow down that the HOA board rejected ("Homeowners' association members take a stand against speeders," April 24, 2018). This time, it is the HOA members who are fighting the measure that the board wants to put into place in order to curb speeding.

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