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Common HOA parking problems and how to deal with them

As an HOA board member, you have a lot on your plate. While some issues require more attention than others, each and every one needs to be dealt with in a timely manner.

HOA parking problems often move to the forefront, as there are times when residents are unable to work things out on their own.

Here are some of the most common HOA parking problems, along with some tips for dealing with them:

  • Inadequate parking. For one reason or another, there may not be enough parking spaces for all the residents. There are times when a solution is simple, such as clearing land for additional parking or converting guest parking into spots for residents. There are also times when this is much more difficult, as you'll need to get approval from owners to make changes.
  • Not enough guest parking spots. Residents have the right to invite guests to their property. Unfortunately, if there aren't enough guest parking spots, problems can soon arise. Once again, you'll have to look into your many available options, such as adding more spaces.
  • Lack of handicap parking. At some point, you could receive a complaint from a resident about a lack of handicap parking. Since federal law requires you to provide the necessary accommodations, it's something to look into immediately. An option is to convert resident spaces that are closer to the building into handicap spots.
  • Residents using guest parking. This isn't a big deal every now and again, but if everyone partakes it can lead to quite a bit of confusion. The best way around this is to impose fines, use proper signage and tow vehicles that don't comply.

While these are among the most common HOA parking problems, don't be surprised if many others come to light down the road. This is particularly true if parking is a sticking point with a large number of residents.

In the event that you, along with other board members, are unable to solve the problem, it could be time to learn more about your legal rights and the best way to take action to deal with specific issues.

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