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Can homeowners' association boards prevent home sales?

When it comes time to sell a home in a California residential community, a seller may have quite a journey ahead. Preparing the home for sale and finding a buyer may seem like the most challenging part of the process, but one task may prove more problematic. Homeowners' association boards may prevent a sale if they fail to provide the seller with certification.

What potential homeowners' association members need to know

When buying a car, signing up for a credit card or undertaking any other potential financial obligation, most California residents take the time to look into the fine print. What kinds of hidden costs or surprises could come with those obligations? Prospective homeowners' association members may want to ask themselves the same question.

Homeowners' association boards can't discriminate

It may be difficult for some California residents to believe that discrimination continues to be a problem in today's society. Even so, many people discover the hard way that people continue to judge others based on things such as gender, race and religion. Some homeowners' association boards attempt to discriminate against prospective or current homeowners in violation of state and federal law as well.

Homeowners' association boards have to follow the rules, too

Power often goes to people's heads. Even when that power only comes from being members of homeowners' association boards, some residents in California communities believe they are no longer subject to the rules, bylaws and covenants, conditions and restrictions set forth for a particular community. When this happens, it may be up to residents to set things right again, which may require litigation.

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