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HOA members stand up against racial profiling by board member

Just about everyone knows that the federal government and the state of California prohibit employers from discriminating against people based on race, religion or gender, among other things. Those same prohibitions extend to housing, which includes homeowners' associations. Recently, HOA members in another state took a stand against a board member who was racially profiling a member of their community.

The woman and her children were spending a day at the community pool when a now-former board member, the pool chairman, asked her for identification. She asked the man why, and he responded by calling 911. When police arrived, they verified and showed the former pool chairman that she had a valid pool access card, which is only given to those who own homes in the community.

Despite the fact that the woman proved her right to be there and other community members at the pool vouched for the fact that she lived there and had the right to be there, the former board member went on to make comments about her that she says were tantamount to racial profiling. She also recorded the incident. The HOA, located in North Carolina, is scrambling to recover from the incident.

Despite the fact that it is 2018, these incidents continue to happen across the country, including here in California. HOA members who find themselves in positions similar to that of this woman can stand up for their rights. Doing so may require some assistance, however. HOA boards often have a great deal of power, and going up against them may require the assistance and guidance of someone experienced in dealing with them.

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