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Homeowners' association members can incite changes in the rules

Many California homeowners live with the rules of their communities. Homeowners' association members may not be able to paint their homes a color they want to or may not be able to put in an addition to their home if the HOA board will not approve it. Sometimes, these rules seem unreasonable, and those who live in the community may be able to make changes. 

For instance, a woman in another state wanted to fly her American flag. The only problem was that it was not the size stipulated by the HOA board. She attempted to find a flag that fit within those limits but could not. She decided to fly her standard size American flag anyway.

That is when the Texas woman's HOA told her to take it down. The "compliance coordinator" for the neighborhood intimated that her flag failed to meet with the image of the community and could reduce property values. Since taking her stand, a representative of the management company says that the rules regarding the size of flags flown by residents will change. So far, no fines have been imposed for flying a flag that does not conform with the current rules.

There are times when homeowners' association members can take a stand and fight rules they believe are unreasonable. In some cases, changing the rules may be easy, but more often, it requires more than just having a conversation with the board. In those instances, it may be necessary for California homeowners to take legal action in order to make a change.

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