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Homeowners' association members want to save their trees

The landscaping of a California neighborhood can attract certain types of residents. Whether it is an older community with mature trees or a younger neighborhood with trees that will grow with their residents, the last thing homeowners' association members may want is for the board to unilaterally decide to change the landscaping. One community in the state is banding together in order to save the trees that the HOA wants to cut down.

The board sent notices to residents specifying the trees that would be cut down. It also indicated that a certain herbicide would be used on residents' property. Many of the homeowners in the community are banding together to prevent the trees from being cut down and to stop the use of the herbicide.

Those involved in opposing the board's initiative regarding the trees say that it will significantly impact the ecosystem of the community. Further, many people rely on the trees for shade, privacy and beauty. Other homeowners are concerned about the damage the trees are doing to their properties. Residents attended an HOA meeting during which they attempted to get more information and express their concerns, but one resident says a member of the board cut her off before her time was to end.

When California homeowners' association members do not agree with the decisions made by their board, they may have recourse. In order to know what procedures to go through in order to object to something that the board wants to do, it may help to have as complete an understanding as possible of the HOA's governing documents. If a resident does not feel that a satisfactory resolution was reached, it may be possible to take further action.

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