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Avoid community clashes

Upholding community standards in your homeowner’s association (HOA) is sometimes a thankless job. Your choice to take on the responsibility of an HOA board member position helps the community function at large, but clashing values and difficult personalities can take hold of the association and make it difficult to administrate the affairs of the property.

How HOA board members can collect delinquent dues

One of the main responsibilities of a solid HOA is to maintain the property values of the homes in the association. Collecting delinquent dues is one of the least pleasant jobs for HOA board members, but it is a necessary task in order to have funds available for maintaining the property. HOA dues are used to pay for operational expenses such as property upkeep and utilities in addition to building a reserve fund. When HOA members fail to pay their monthly dues, the association is at risk for financial hardship.

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