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Homeowners' association boards can go too far

Many of California's residential communities come with restrictions when it comes to the outward appearance of their homes. For instance, homeowners' association boards may enforce rules regarding keeping the grass cut, cars out of the yard and the trees trimmed. These may seem like reasonable expectations in order to keep the neighborhood looking well maintained, but sometimes, HOA boards can go too far.

When homeowners' association boards fall victim to others

Providing services and enforcing the covenants, conditions and restrictions, along with other rules, of a California residential community could take a toll on those responsible. Homeowners' association boards make numerous decisions regarding the communities they serve, but not all of those decisions work out as planned. In some cases, a board may fall victim to someone, and rectifying the situation may require involving the civil courts, or even the criminal courts in some instances.

What homeowners' association boards can do to avoid liability

Safety is a major concern for most California parents. Back on Feb. 27, this blog discussed the case of a teenager who suffered devastating and permanent injuries on a swing set in the common area of his HOA-run residential community ("Can HOA members trust the board to keep common areas safe?"). The question of whether homeowners' association boards can keep the common areas of a community safe bears further discussion since the HOA, and possibly the board's individual members, could end up facing litigation.

Homeowners' association boards and debt collection

One of the most unenviable jobs for any California business is collecting overdue debts. Homeowners' association boards are not immune to this task. Without the funds from homeowners' dues and assessments, boards cannot operate. This means that they will need to have a plan in place for collecting monies from homeowners who fail to meet their financial obligations to the HOA.

What can homeowners' association boards do?

Living in certain California communities of single-family homes comes at a price. Every month, homeowners' association boards around the state collect monthly or quarterly dues. Many residents end up wondering just what bang they get for their bucks.

Some homeowners' association boards have too much power

When California residents purchase a home, part of the reason they do so may be in order to have the freedom to decorate it as they wish. Painting the walls, the exterior and planting flowers, among other things, should be part of that experience. However, some homeowners' association boards have too much say in how homeowners can decorate their homes.

Part of an HOA board's job is to enforce the rules

No one wants to be the "bad guy," especially when they live in the same California neighborhood. However, one of the primary duties of an HOA board is to enforce the rules of the association. This may be an uncomfortable task, but it is also a necessary one.

Can homeowners' association boards risk your safety and property?

Many of California's residential communities come with attractive amenities, but at a price. Homeowners in these communities pay dues to their homeowners' association boards, but that may not be the worst part. Some HOA boards may attempt to impose unrealistic requirements on those who live in the neighborhood that could potentially put the safety and property of residents at risk.

Get information on homeowners' association boards before buying

Buyers may be able to choose among thousands of housing communities and condominiums here in California when they look to purchase a home. Many of the options come with homeowners' association boards who administer and enforce the rules and regulations of the community chosen. Before agreeing to make a purchase, it may be a good idea to get as much information as possible regarding the HOA and the board.

Can homeowners' association boards regulate pets?

Instead of having the traditional pets such as cats, dogs and birds, some people opt to take another route and own a potbellied pig. These small, and undoubtedly cute, creatures often blend right in with their human and four-legged families. California residents belonging to communities with HOAs may want to do some investigating before making their purchase to determine whether the homeowners' association boards in their communities will not makes waves about it.

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